We offer a variety of coupons both online and printed. Coupon codes are limited time offers. 


Coupons or Discounts are only valid on the storefront listed on the coupon.

We may offer coupons for any of the storefronts below.

Coupons have a Valid date and a Coupon Code.

The Valid through or Until date is the timeframe the coupon is valid. The Coupon Code will be entered at chekout. Coupons are on purchases only and do not have a cash value. Returned items purchase with a coupon will have the coupon or discount price deducted from the refunded amount. 


THE WIZARD'S HAT STORE - Coupons available

ALCHEMY OF ENGLAND - No Current coupons available at this time. 

METAPHYSICAL SUPPLIES WAREHOUSE - No Current coupons available at this time. 

JASSORS - Coupons available

THE WIZARD'S HAT-ETSY - Coupons available


J&J BRIDAL - No Current coupons available at this time. 


Below is a sample coupon, for THE WIZARD'S HAT STORE only and is not valid for our other storefronts listed. If this was a vaild coupon it would have a valid date and code.