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Athame's or daggers are generally used as multi-purpose for rituals, and for cutting herbs, candles, and ceremonial items.

Generally they are ornate and reflect the owners personality.

Not intended for children under 18

Manufacturer Item Name- Product Image Price

Athame necklace

A discreet black and silver stainless steel athame measuring 6" in length with a black plastic sheath and a black beaded chain for wearing.
Athame necklace $17.42


Gothic Athame

Heavy weight and decorated in a gothic styling, with silver inlays over a black handle, this athame adds a medieval feel to your ritual and ceremonial magic. 9.5" - 5 1/2" blade.   Cannot ship to NY, MA or CA., Sorry.
Gothic Athame $29.90


Greek Dagger / Athame

With it's handle featuring either a man or a woman sculptured in Greek style, this ornate Athame / Dagger  brings to life the imaginary of the ancient Greeks. Overall length is 8", blade is 4". Blade is printed, but can hold an edge....
Greek Dagger / Athame $27.99


Mini Medieval Sword or Athame

14" Mini version Medieval Sword/dagger or Athame, with a black handle.  Stainless Steel Blade Has a sharp blade.  With a long blade, cruciform cross guard, and black hilt wrapped in a faux leather finish; this athame appears to be a medieval...
Mini Medieval Sword or Athame $37.99

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Sold Out

Split blade Steel boot knife or athame

1045 Surgical Steel Athame or Boot Knife with Nylon Sheath. Split blade design, coated handle with a belt ring nylon sheath makes this piece a MUST have. Handcrafted in China.  Limited stock, great price. Discontinued piece. I ordered these last...
Split blade Steel boot knife or athame $25.99


Steel boot knife or athame

Engraved Silver Boot athame This silver-toned coated Athame features a brilliant hilt engraved in floral and animal patterns and comes with a silver-toned sheath that can clip to your belt. Cannot ship to NY, MA or CA., Sorry. 6" - 3"...
Steel boot knife or athame $19.90


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