Triple Goddess Grimoire / Book of Shadows / Spellbook

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Triple Goddess Grimoire / Book of Shadows / Spellbook
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Triple Goddess (Triple Moon Goddess)(Black)

Grimoire / Book of Shadows / Spellbook

5-1/2"w x 8-1/2" h - printed booklet. 

22 inside pages,  5-1/2"wide x 8-1/2" high (24 with outside covers) of sacred parchment paper of spells with pages to write your spells & poems!

An Assortment of Spells, Prayers, & Sacred symbols.

Includes a printed & lamanited Elements bookmarker for your book or altar!

8-10 different prayers from our parchment collection printed within the booklet, spells & prayers will vary. The same ones just half the size.

Has printed talismen & sacred symbols as well as blank dragon pages to write your own!

Staple bound - Made in USA. Printed in USA with USA materials. Booklet is printed on Parchment paper that is of a yellow or tan color.