Ultimate 20 crystal kit w/description cards

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Ultimate 20 crystal kit w/description. Amazonite Amethyst Aquamarine Tourmaline CatsEye Dragonstone Moonstone Agate Pyrite Sunstone
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Ultimate 20 crystal kit w/description cards. 

What a great starter kit, or accessory kit with 20 different crystals! Each crystal packaged separately.

****WARNING**** Choking Hazard!


20 different natural crystal/gemstones/stones.
Meditation and Chakra stones, make your own Chakra kit and change out key crystals as your needs change.
Packaged individually with a description card for each pack
Some of these crystals retail in our shop for pver $5 EACH!

PERFECT FOR AN EDUCATIONAL PIECE FOR HOMESCHOOLING. Parent supervision for children under 18 as these are small and can be a choking hazard.


Get our "Ultimate 20 stone Stone kit" now!

Includes 20 stones/crystals and description cards

1 stone of each listed below with the exception of Petrified wood, which comes as a pack of 10 pea sized.

Black Tourmaline
Black Onyx
Blue Onyx
Cats Eye
Dragon scale stone (Jasper)
Moon stone
Milky/Smoky Quartz
Quartz Point
Petrified Wood (10 small pea size)
Pink Agate
Yellow Onyx

Stock photo, Pictured is natural crystals and vary in color and size.
****THIS EXACT kit is a stock picture, and not actual picture of stones, each stone is natural and will be unique.***


Exclusive Kit, designed and created by:
Myth Medieval & Celtic LLC &
The Wizards Hat ™ 2022
No part of this kit can be copied, shared, or resold for profit.

General Disclaimers:

By using you are acknowledging that The Wizards Hat, it’s partners, and it’s parent company – Myth Medieval & Celtic LLC are not liable or responsible for ANY such risk associated with use, including but not limited to allergies, fires, choking or even death by proper or improper use. Not intended for children under 18. Keep away from children and animals. There is no guarantee on any item, except that the crystals are natural and not synthetic. The herbs and candles are made/grown in USA. The Incense are produced partially by The Wizards Hat, by USA products. For entertainment purposes only, we do not guarantee any thing from use, this is a spiritual item and is created with its full purpose and intent for use and results.


****WARNING!!! ANYONE Who purchases ANY OF OUR KITS, or intends to purchase this kit and who is a Crystal, Metaphysical retailer, or if I see a similar kit listed with the same information on YOUR ETSY store, will be reported to ETSY for Copyright Infringement. I do not own the design to the Chakra on Parchment, but I have a retail license to sell that print. *****I DO HOWEVER own all the information gathered, collected and compiled in this kit. I reserve the right to cancel and refuse a sale to any company I feel is buying only to obtain the information included***

Amazonite,Amethyst,Aquamarine,Aventurine,Black Tourmaline,Black Onyx,Blue Onyx,Carnelian,Cats Eye,Dragon scale stone (Jasper),Howlite,Moon stone,Milky/Smoky Quartz,Quartz Point,Petrified Wood (10 small pea size),Pink Agate,Pyrite,Sodalite,Sunstone,Yellow Onyx