Pewter Thor's Hammer Dragon Mjolnir Pendant

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Pewter Thors Hammer Dragon Mjolnir Pendant

This classic Pewter Thors Hammer Mjolnir with Dragon Pendant is hand cast and hand finished in the USA, using Fine American Pewte.

It has an Antique and Brushed Satin finish. The Thors Hammer includes an 26" cord.

A little History about Thors Hammer and Dragons. Thor is the red-haired and bearded god of thunder and war in Norse Mythology, the son of Odin and Jord. Thor owns a short handled way hammer named Mjolnir, which when thrown at a target, returns magically to the owner. His Mjolnir also has the power to throw lighting bolts. To wield Mjolnir, Thor wears the belt Megingjord, which boosts the wearers strength and a pair of special iron gloves, Jarn Griepr, to lift the hammer. Dragons hold a major spiritual significance in various religions and cultures, a timeless symbol of Immense Power. Representing the Primal Forces of the Universe. Wisdom and Longevity, they possess Magick and Supernatural Powers.

Fine American Pewter, Lead Free. Made in the USA, Hand cast and Hand Finished 1 1/4 x 1 3/4 inches, including loop.

Thors Hammer with Dragon, Mjolnir, Norse God, Viking Mythology. Antique and Brushed Satin Finish, Pendant Size is 1-1/4" X 1-1/8" 31mm X 29mm.