Tinted Smoking incense burner bottle

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Tinted Smoking incense burner bottle
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Tinted Smoking incense burner bottle with a 10 pack of premium incense. 

A simple tinted (colors vary in the amber, brown, green and blue ranges or a clear bottle) Smoking Bottle Incense Burner.

Bottles Colors are:

Browns/Green - Colors and shades vary from a golden brown to dark green

Clear - Clear glass

Blue - Shades of Blue

No preference - Surprise me (Our choice, depending on what we have ready in the studio)


A piece of Upcycled Glass Art. This is a hand drilled bottle created to burn 11" or smaller stick Incense. Makes a Unique Gift, Wine Gift, House Warming Gift or simply a safe and fun way to burn stick incense with very little mess.

It only makes sense since we make our incense to have done thorough tests to produce the best burning smoking bottle available.

(The High shoulder bottle is commonly used for Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon .)

High shoulder and Sloped shoulder examples as pictured.

Available in both the standard (750 ml Standard) size wine bottle (and is roughly 12" high), and the Large size bottle (1.5 L Magnum) - The large is 14" high and 12" circumference or about 4-5" wide

Each one is a One Of A Kind or OOAK as no two are exactly identical as each has been hand drilled, and each wire wrapped style is unique. The amount of holes control the burn and release of incense, we have done tests to provide a perfect combination of smoke and air flow.

Available in a gloss (clear coat) or frosted (speckles) bottle. Note- We clear coat all bottles & paint all holes for safety and insurance reasons. Remember, we are cutting into the glass, so a minimum of a clear coat will be on ALL of our bottles.

Pictured Size is a standard size wine bottle (750 ml Standard).

We create these incense bottle burners out of recycled wine bottles, they have all been cleaned and labels removed prior to drilling. We are directly impacting the environment by recycling and creating a cherished piece of art for you to enjoy for years to come. 

A split ring is attached either by ribbon, wire or chain, to keep from being lost or misplaced.

Simply slide the non burning end of your stick incense into the split ring letting about 1" stick out through the top of the ring, light your incense and insert it downward into the bottle letting the spit ring rest on top of the bottle mouth. When stick is burned out and safe to dispose, remove stick from ring and dump out the ashes.

A beautiful piece of artwork stand alone or as an incense burner.

Comes with a 10pack of our delicious incense.

Instructions for use and care are included.

Do not wash in dishwasher or soak in water. Use a damp or dry cloth to wipe down outside of the bottle.

Do not use if this bottle becomes damaged as serious injury can result, never burn cones, charcoal discs, loose herbs, resins or loose oils or powder. Use only with incense sticks.


Makes a GREAT gift!

Ships priority or first class package delivery via USPS. Feel free to email with any questions. We provide tracking numbers so you will know when your purchase will arrive! Must ship separately due to size and packaging, shipped in separate boxes. 

A simple Tinted (colors vary in the amber, brown, green and blue ranges or clear bottle) Smoking Bottle Incense Burner, Glass Art, Sloping Shoulder bottle, Incense, Unique Gift, Wine Gift, Incense holder, House Warming Gift.